Jeff Duggan
Owner at Portola Coffee Lab
"I would like to share with you my experience with Joey and his professional services. We contracted with Joey to manage our social media for my company, Portola Coffee Lab. We needed a fresh approach and by someone who could immerse himself in our industry to really add meaning to what we were posting. The imagery and content that Joey created really changed our online presence. It was interesting, relevant, and unique. Our Instagram went from mediocre to being nominated for the Best Instagram Account by O.C. Weekly's Best of 2015 contest. Most notable was the transformation of our appearance. The quality of his photography was truly fantastic. I felt his composition took what might be otherwise be an ordinary setting (our coffeehouses) and created something pleasing and artful. He is very creative, but professional. His images were never kitschy or overtly "advertisey." Most notable was the consistency in look he was able to achieve from setting to setting, and image to image. He would always edit the images in such a way that anyone seeing our feed could tell it was Portola created. Our online following jumped significantly under Joey's management. When he relocated, we were sad to see him go. I highly recommend his services for anyone wanting someone who truly takes to time to understand the customers needs and who puts out a top-notch professional product."
Shawn Nelson
Founder & CEO of Lovesac
"Joey knows his stuff. A well-versed practitioner of social media marketing, Joey really elevated my company's as well as my personal understanding of social media marketing/PR tactics and strategies. Joey "gets it," which is not to be underestimated in this open-source world. There are many people in this field who know the technical side of how things work--but it takes a person with good instincts and an understanding of consumer behavior to know how to do it right. 

Joey is an expert at Instagram. And besides having all of the right technical knowledge across all of the major social media platforms, Joey has the right instincts. He knows "what's cool." He knows what "sounds right." He has a good sense for how to phrase things succinctly and provocatively to illicit a response and drive engagement. Joey also knows how to engage with others in a way that is authentic and brand appropriate--whether in his own voice or that of the organization. I trusted Joey with all of my personal logins and passwords and I trusted Joey to "be me" at times on social media. He is absolutely trustworthy, reliable, hard working and very thoughtful about everything that he does. He will be a valuable asset wherever he lands, no doubt."
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